Azul Handling

CUltural Identity


Our vision is to be the leading handling company in Spain.


Our mission is to become a reference in our market, ensuring we provide our customers the highest safety standards and the best customer experience in the industry, having the ongoing development of  our people as the cornerstone of our success!


To achieve our mission, Azul core principles are set around 5 key pillars which defines our cultural identity, who we are and how we do business.

People, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation and Eco will be present at all areas of the business and expected to be represented by all in Azul.  


We are a people focused entity as people are the core of our business. We have our people’s development, engagement and satisfaction at our forefront to achieve our vision and reach their goals


We work in a continuous exercise to drive operational improvement, fostering a culture amongst our people to push our boundaries to surpass ordinary standards in our vision to excel in all what we do!


We are honest, open, ethical and fair, making reasonable, objective and transparent decisions in all areas of the business, leading to higher degrees of trust and respect, increasing customer satisfaction and employee engagement & retention.


Innovation is in our DNA, promoting an environment where all ideas are welcome to drive change in all what we do, giving us the permanent opportunity to add more value to what we do while controlling our cost base


Azul is the new green! Sustainability is a principle we apply in all we do to reduce the impact in the environment of our commercial activity, raising awareness around this principle so our people can transfer this into their personal life to help our planet and fight against climate change.

The Azul Way!

The Azul Way! is how our organization applies our core principles, aligning our people to how we work, thus ensuring the Azul cultural identity and philosophy is applied and embraced in all aspects of our business, leading us to rech our goals and targets while consolidating our market position.